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Understand your user experience

Ensure your site guides your visitors to exactly what they are looking for… preferably the order page for your product, or details on your next event.

Your site needs to load FAST or you’ll lose them. Speed can be based on a number of factors, but hosting is a primary one.

responsive on ALL devices

Statistics show that nearly 90% of your visitors will be seeing your site on a mobile device these days. While it’s great to look good on a large screen, you also need your site to be functional and appealing on a phone or tablet.
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Increase Traffic With SEO

Ensure your site is optimized for search engines. This means it needs to load FAST and have all of the appropriate keywords embedded.

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Global Reach

Even if you are a local business, your site will be accessible around the world. If you provide helpful content, it's important to provide translated versions.

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Only Use Necessary Plugins

It's easy to fall into the trap of installing every plugin that has a shiny new feature you want to see on your site. Let's keep it simple and just use the ones that help your visitors find what they are looking for. This increases site speed and efficiency.

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Amazingly responsive

Not only is a responsive site necessary, but it's incredibly important to ensure it looks good on EVERY size screen and every type of browser.

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Build a Community

In order to get your message out, we can help you to the resources needed to build a community of followers that are targeted and interested in your offer.

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Easy to use interface

We prefer WordPress as a content management system and Elementor page builder, which creates an amazingly easy-to-use drag-and-drop page building experience. This makes it super easy to make any changes you may need to make in the future.

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