My name is Matt, and

I'm your WEB Coach!

Web coaching goes beyond simply designing a site for you. I'm excited to help you get your website to a point that it works for you rather than the other way around. I've been building websites since 2001 for churches, small businesses and non-profits, and have learned a thing or two about how to build a site that's effective as well as beautiful.

I can do it all for you, or we can work together in a one-on-one capacity as I help you to build or improve your site as well.

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Watch this quick (3-minute) video to see how I go about assessing your situation and getting your site working for you.

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Understand your user experience

We’ll ensure your site guides your visitors to exactly what they are looking for… preferably the order page for your product, or details on your next event.

Your site needs to load FAST or you’ll lose them. Speed issues can be based on a number of factors, but hosting is a primary one.

Want to see some of the stuff I designed?

Check out my portfolio! I've designed sites for churches, small businesses, coaches, authors, real estate firms and more.

responsive on ALL devices

Statistics show that nearly 90% of your visitors will be seeing your site on a mobile device these days. While it’s great to look good on a large screen, you also need your site to be functional and appealing on a phone or tablet.

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Let's Make a Beautiful website TOGETHER!

If you'd like some help, I'm here to guide you, or take the reigns if you desire. Let's start with a simple (and free) current-state assessment and go from there.

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What are you waiting for?

There is no more time to waste. You’re losing customers every second your website isn’t working for you. 
Fill out this form to set up a time to chat personally.

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